Future Workplace Award​


Achieving Workplace Balance

The Future Workplace Award is presented to the company who achieves the most progressive and innovative interpretation of the latest workplace developments and strategies. The award acknowledges the importance of engaging and inspiring workplaces and showcases those that facilitate a good work / life balance with emphasis on improved efficiencies and productivity

The award draws attention to the importance of work environments that integrate, optimise and connect. In July 2017, the Future Workplace Award will be awarded for the first time in South Africa.


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We are looking for South Africa’s most inspiring workplaces!

Have you moved offices in the last 24 months? Have you updated your office layout, or perhaps a section of your work environment?

Does your office environment involve and enable your employees to work and collaborate at their very best?

Yes? Then enter the 2017 Future Workplace Award. It’s the perfect platform to recognise your efforts for creating engaging workplaces that empower and fulfill your employees.

Entries close on Friday 15 June 2017.


Great Prizes
For Future Workplace

Winner of 2017 Future Workplace Award

A Workplace Strategy including a bespoke sensor utilisation study of the winning company's boardrooms and a Workplace Experience Survey up to the value of R130 000.

JLL will deploy and monitor up to 30 sensors over a period of two months to accurately track your boardroom utilisation. Find out how often your boardrooms in use and more importantly, how many people are occupying them. Win technology that provides the analytics that identify opportunities to optimise productivity.

Runner up of 2017 Future Workplace Award

A Workplace Experience Survey up to the value of R75 000.

Get deep insight to guide your workplace strategy so it continues to grow and develop in all the right spaces.

Prizes sponsored by JLL and SenzoIT.


The Criteria

This year the theme of the Future Workplace Award is: 'Human Experience'. It focusses on the employee, and how their work environment motivates and engages with them. The judges will focus on four core factors to the employee: engagement, fulfillment, collaboration and innovation.


Whether creating change champions or using pre and post refurbishment or move surveys, it is important to engage your employees. Have they felt included in the change process and do they feel free to continue to contribute to the evolution of their workplace?

Have you ensured that the workplace accounts for the generational gap and have all of your efforts resulted in excellent staff retention?


A healthy employee is a productive employee, and cognitive thinking has been directly linked to numerous controllable factors in the office environment. Have you encouraged sporting activity or sponsored a health and wellness day?

Have you improved the lighting in the office and ensured employees have a breakaway area free from noisy distractions? Is there an element of fun that allows employees to release stress? Do you provide a healthy lunch and promote the notion of healthy living?


An environment that supports collaboration is an environment that unlocks opportunity.

How have you altered your office layout to encourage collaboration? Are there screens and whiteboards to share ideas?

Do different departments speak to each other outside of meeting rooms?


"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change" - Stephen Hawking

Have you implemented any unique and innovative ideas in your workplace?

Are employees encouraged to work remotely or with flexible hours, and do you encourage sustainability and recycling in a unique manner?

What other initiatives in your workplace set you apart and make you an employer of choice?

Meet the Judges

Ivor Templar

Ivor Templar

Head of Curriculum, Greenside Design Centre

Helen Torr

Helen Torr

Independent Change Management specialist

Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams

Workplace & Technology Solutions, JLL

Manfred Braune

Manfred Braune

Executive Director, Green Building Council SA



Thabiso Malibeng

Thabiso Malibeng

Workplace & Technology Solutions
+27 79 183 1153

Jennifer Moldovanos

Jennifer Moldovanos

+27 83 286 0596