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SA releases it's Q1 2014 reports

The South African research team releases it's Q1 2014 reports for Cape Town & Johannesburg

​​The South Africa research team releases it's Q1 2014 reports, with the following key highlights.

The Cape Town office market conditions are characterised by moderate demand, limited to no rental performance and high vacancies. The completions of development projects due this year are likely to put a lid on rental performance and worsen vacancies.

The performance of the Johannesburg Industrial market is fairly modest this quarter, characterised by moderate take up, slight uptick in vacancies and less additions to the supply. Despite better than last year’s economic outlook, market conditions are expected to be restrained with vacancies increasing slightly as more completions are added to the market.

The Johannesburg office market is characterised by the increasing over supply of new stock, rising vacancies and moderate rental growth amid restrained economic growth. Despite the moderate conditions, the prime end of the market continues to show resilience although soon to turn a corner to favour tenants.