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Africa Prime Industrial Report 20172017-08-18T05:00:00Zpdf37702548Free to Air Prime Industrial Report 2017.pdf/south-africa/en-gb/research/113/africa-prime-industrial-report-2017Africa Prime Industrial Report 2017

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Africa Prime Industrial Report 2017/south-africa/en-gb/research/113/africa-prime-industrial-report-2017Africa Prime Industrial Report 2017
Johannesburg Office Market Outlook Q1 2017/south-africa/en-gb/research/112/johannesburg-office-market-outlook-q1-2017Johannesburg Office Market Outlook Q1 2017Consistent demand for prime office accommodation will play significant role in maintaining the resilience of the office market.
Durban Industrial Market Outlook Q1 2017/south-africa/en-gb/research/109/durban-industrial-market-outlook-q1-2017Durban Industrial Market Outlook Q1 2017Demand is mostly gravitated towards accommodation for logistics and distribution facilities.