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Trade Trends South Africa 20182018-10-30T05:00:00Zpdf2609045Free to Air Trade Trends South Africa.pdf/south-africa/en-gb/research/150/trade-trends-south-africa-2018Trade Trends South Africa 2018This report focuses on the role that imports have had on recent developments and the implications of this on the industrial real estate sector.

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Durban City Report - December 2018/south-africa/en-gb/research/152/durban-city-report-december-2018Durban City Report - December 2018Durban has seen low industrial vacancies and a declining trend in office vacancies to set a positive tone to the start of 2019.
Johannesburg City Report - December 2018/south-africa/en-gb/research/153/johannesburg-city-report-december-2018Johannesburg City Report - December 2018
South Africa Retail Report - December 2018/south-africa/en-gb/research/154/south-africa-retail-reports-december-2018South Africa Retail Report - December 2018Trading density growth trends are showing signs of recovery; however, high indebtedness of households and the rising cost of living remain headwinds for growth in 2019.