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Sub-Saharan Africa: a region of opportunities amid transparency challenges


The Jones Lang LaSalle Transparency Index is a unique bi-annual survey that quantifies the level of real estate market transparency across nearly 100 markets worldwide. The Index is recognised by the property industry as the global benchmark of real estate transparency and it provides investors and corporate occupiers with an invaluable tool for assessing the risks associated with transacting, owning and leasing real estate in a foreign market.

Highlights from this report:
  • Sub-Saharan Africa is covered in the index for the first time. more
  • Although the region is full of opportunities, some of the most promising economies have transparency challenges
  • South Africa is sub-Saharan Africa's most transparent market and the only country on the continent to sit in the 'Transparent' category, placing it alongside more established markets like Italy and Austria, and maturing markets such as Malaysia and Poland
  • Both Zambia and Botswana score relatively well on a regional basis and have benefited from higher levels of development and investment and more stringent regulatory and regulatory frameworks then some of their regional counterparts
  • Nigeria and Angola, in particular, with their sizeable reserves of oil and other natural resources, are experiencing increasing levels of attention from international companies and investors. However, real estate transparency in both countries, along with on-going security issues that threaten stability, continue to be a significant barrier to entry and a challenge for those seeking to move into these markets.
  • The future for sub-Saharan Africa appears to be brightening, as international investors and corporations are widening their activity across a broad range of geographies, driving investment and development in infrastructure and supporting economic growth.
  • Improvements in transparency, alongside wider improvements in the business-operating environment, can be important accelerators to achieving greater international investment and fast-tracking economic growth.                        


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