Aaron Bigmore

Head Project & Development Services Sub-Saharan Africa

Aaron’s experience spans over more than two decades and includes the management and delivery of large, high-profile projects. He has extensive experience throughout Africa having successfully delivered projects ranging from offices, industrials and fit outs.

Aaron was recently appointed as an Associate Director to JLL’s Project and Development Services (PDS) team, to help grow the project management platform across the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

With over 22 years of industry experience, Aaron has hands-on knowledge in the management and delivery of large, high profile and complex projects such as high-rise buildings, apartment towers, airports, office buildings, fit-outs, schools, pharmaceutical, laboratories and processing sectors throughout the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Africa, and has also been involved in several “roll out” programmes for global clients’ commercial spaces, supermarkets, banks, and retail stores.

Prior to joining JLL, Aaron was with Profica Project Management since 2008 where he was employed to assist with creating a project management division that could diversify across all sectors and establish their footprint across the African continent.

Originally born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Aaron is fluent in English and French and within his travels he has been able to easily adapt his knowledge of engineering, management principles, business procedures, economics, and human behavior to suit his environment.

Since his arrival in South Africa, he has delivered a variety of projects from offices, industrial to fit outs in 24 countries throughout Africa.